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Eon Sounds

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Here some examples of the productions we do.

All theses samples are copyrighted 2003


This was accepted as the default song for the Mangafusion website. Alexander Davis ask me for something futuristic without a melody. Ambient.


This is part of Mangafusion. More light and energitic.

Oneiric Dreams

This is part of Mangafusion.This is the one that I like the most. Dreamy...

1653 War

This is a Multimedia project... about the war between the french colony and the indians in 1653. When the Colony's army ask France to send more troops in Canada to fight Iroquois. I try to do it in a heart-breaking heroic mood.


This is a sample of a film soundtrack in a scene where a young girl is in a desperate situation in her life.

The King's court prelude

Entry in the hall of the King's court. A piece made for a medieval theater piece.

Entry in the Numb State

The title say it all...

Be real or not to be

A small piece for theater. The project was call "The Winners".


A run! Just for fun...


A work I have done for a documentary. That is call "Créateurs Atypiks".

Leap Under

Another small clips from "The Winners". Represent the looser...

More music clips coming soon...