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Eon Sounds

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Here some info about the Eon Sounds

My name is Francois Jolin (Film music composer and producer).

Eon Sounds is a music production company I have started after extensive years of music experimentation and learning. I'm a self taught musician for about twelve years now.

I have work for Film production company as an assistant-cameraman and assistant-director. It gave me good insight of the cinematic industry. I learn film music by listening... and listening to some of the greatest film music composer of all, such as John Williams, Danny Elfman, Hans Zimmer, James Horner...etc.

I have made two short film score, a documentary, one theater score, some intro's of other theater pieces, a multimedia piece, music for a band that's call Day by Day, web music loops and others

The main goal behind the meaning of the name *Eon* is that I try to touch to every kind of music style in different era. I do researsh my subject each time I do a score. And this give me versatility for each score I have to make. I plan to learn much more of other culture and musical history.  The greatest challenge of any film composer is to do music with musical connections with history, story, culture, emotion, character and still be fresh and easy listened.

Come back soon...