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Eon Sounds
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Music for film, tv, animations and video games

*This is a temporary site for Eon Sounds Productions...There will be a full business site in a couple of months.*


( Eon
1. An indefinitely long period of time; an age.
2. The longest division of geologic time, containing two or more eras. )

What's New?

May 28 2005
I will stop posting music here since I got a site at DMusic where I put all my tracks.
If you want to see the progress and a more elaborated bio you can go here :
February 22
-Yesterday was  the release of The Awakening of Consciousness, the 3d short I've worked on.
If you want to see and hear it you can go here :
February 16 2005 another long time since update...and again a lot of thing happen in a year or so.
The project Aveara was on hold for a long time and since it's a free time project their will be no more chapters release. I got 3 new projects done since last update, one short fiction, one 60 min documentary, and a great little 3d short that will be release in 4 days.
Update soon :)
October 29
A lot of new work is coming...   There is a work for a short fiction on suicide prevention that is coming..  And there is still Aveara that is due for the first week of November, I have finish the music and it will be available as a download on the Aveara site.
September 18
-Hi, I don't got any new work to show. But soon... in a month or so you will be able to hear, read and assist to the premiere of Aveara. It will be something.
August 4
-Ok I have upload my last tracks (Meridia, Halcyon and Oneiric Dreams) done for Atlas-Image... Theses are all web musical loops, so don't worry if it repeat itself :)
Now that I am at the highest number of tracks that I can upload, I have to build another website and get more space for it. I found a good web-designer,  Alexander Davis and his company Atlas-Image.  If you are interested in my work and want to hear more songs you can write me at
July 25
- I have just finished music for the Atlas-Image a web design company. 
June 26
-I start a project on a Myst fan interactive novel. Very exciting! For more info look here 
June 06
-I add a small clip... I have done it as a chase test. No end to it, no structure too. Just for fun...(Run!)

May 27
-Just add another small clips from "The Winners" theater soundtrack...(Leap Under)...Enjoy

May 22
-I have just upload 5 more samples.
The first is a medieval piece call (The king's court prelude), the second one is an old project call (Entry in the numb state), the third one is a small sample from a theater piece call (Be Real or not to Be)  and the last one is my last composition...(Atypik)
For your ears to see...
December 20 
-I have finished a production for a multimedia project... about the war between the french colony and the indians in 1653. When the Colony's army ask France to send more troops in Canada to fight Iroquois. I try to do it in a heart-breaking heroic mood. Listen to it in the Music section (1653 War)


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